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Magento Performance Specialists

Magento eCommerce

Magento is one of the most popular and versatile web eCommerce platforms. Huge flexibility works nicely for the business but quite often results in a poor performance of the website.

Magento site performance can influence greatly the bounce rates and conversion rates of Magento stores. Site optimization and its performance is the key factor in users' satisfaction.

High Perfomance Magento in the Cloud

Fast-loading site can improve conversion rates of your site and improve Search Engine ranking. PageSpeed optimization can improve user experience and add to better site performance.

MgPerf investigated performance of multiple Magento sites and were able to create a customized robust configuration of cloud services for hosting Magento sites on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solution allows you to:

  • improve loading speed of your site
  • increase conversion rates
  • handle more traffic
  • cope with surges in traffic due to marketing actions or promotions
  • lower the cost of hosting your site
  • make your customers more happy

Optimized Magento Hosting

Our powerful and optimized hosting solution relies on AWS Cloud for high speed and instant delivery. It automatically fixes most important PageSpeed problems and delivers high pageview rates by using caching machanisms. It may sound complicated but no extra work is needed on your side: we'll take care of your site's performance allowing you to take take of your customers.

Our solution provides:

  • cloud hosting
  • automatic image optimization
  • automatic CSS and JavaScript minification
  • automatic HTML optimization
  • high-performance full-page caching
  • free SSL certificate so that your customers can feel more secure and trust your store

Contact us for a free demo

Please provide your contact details and description of your Magento site and we will set up a demo free of charge.

No risk and no commitment from you.

We are certain you will be delighted with the new speed of your Magento e-commerce site, so we will migrate it onto our platform for you to experience its high performance.